• Dpardo 無痛坐墊

    Dpardo T-series Painless Saddles

    會陰部位不再受壓, 為你帶來真正永久無痛騎行。
    Your pelvic region will no longer be pressurized, T-series brings you a real painless cycling experience. -More.

  • Chosen Smart Hubs

    Chosen Smart Hub

    台灣最新專利設計, 為你帶來真正零噪音,把溜車性能提升至極點。
    Latest patented design of smart hubs bring you a minimal resistance with absolute silence, maximizing your sliding performance. More.

  • Chosen 11S Hub

    Chosen - RB/MTB Hubs Series

    以順滑度及高強度見稱的Chosen, 將根據你不同的要求提供不同類型的花鼓。
    With smoothness and strength known for Taiwan Chosen, they provide different types of hubs according to your request.More.

  • 本店獨家多色系輪圈

    Patented rims with multicolour and sizes

    With our exclusive aluminium alloyed rims, your bike will be definitely customized and personalized with the greatest extent. More.

  • 台灣聖安線管

    Taiwan Sheng An Cables

    聖安線管以耐用及鮮豔奪目的顏色見稱, 定能讓你的愛駒添上多一點的色彩。
    Cables manufactured by Sheng An brings you a series of cables with higher durability and colours, adding more tints to your bike. More.

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